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Right on the beach

Surfing Camp

The Green Rooms Weligama, your gateway to an extraordinary surfing adventure. Situated right on the beach, our surf camp is more than a destination; it's a vibrant surfing family where the love for the waves is ingrained in every aspect of our existence. Imagine a morning where you wake up to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, step out of your accommodation, and find yourself on the surf within minutes – that's the immersive experience we offer. Led by passionate instructors deeply rooted in surf culture, The Green Rooms is dedicated to sharing the joy of surfing with enthusiasts of all levels. Our beachfront haven provides access to diverse surf breaks within a half-hour radius, ensuring every surfer finds their perfect wave, from punchy reef breaks to mellow left-handers.

Surf camp/guiding prices are shown with accommodation options. Email for more detail, prices and tailor made packages.
Our surf camp and guiding sessions offer an economical and personalized approach to learning and improving your surfing technique, fostering confidence and quick progression. Beyond the waves, we organize boat trips to explore reefs and the best surf spots, and we cater to flexibility with ad-hoc lessons, 1:1 sessions, and equipment rentals. The Green Rooms Weligama is not just about surfing; it's about creating lasting memories, building camaraderie, and immersing yourself in the joyous surf lifestyle. Explore our accommodation options and tailor-made packages, and join The Green Rooms family for an unforgettable surfing experience where the waves meet warmth, adventure, and a community that feels like home.